Hi! My name is Carla. I was born in Lima, Peru. When I turned 12 years old I moved to a cold but charming city in Columbia called Bogota. I graduated from High School there, but I decided to pursue my professional career in the US. So, I moved to Tampa in 2017.

Since I was little I’ve always been attracted by books and movies. I remember the day when I got my first Harry Potter book, my life changed. Literature, photography and even music is art for me. I have been amazed by how powerful art can be over people. The power to express feelings, thoughts as well as to be influenced, inspired and moved by it. Art is the reflection of the creator’s creativity and mindset.

Having the opportunity to experience different cultures has opened my mind to the importance of being aware of our real world through the years. In this blog, I would like to share stories and facts not only local but from different places around the world. In order to be more connected with our society, we should be more conscious of our surroundings and its events. Once we begin being more connected with others, we create the difference.

Welcome to my blog!

Carla Ibanez